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Warren Hanson is an illustrator, author, musician, photographer, and speaker. He first came to national recognition for illustrating Tom Hegg’s beloved classic, A Cup of Christmas Tea, a NYT Bestseller which has sold nearly 2 million copies. He and Hegg then created the cherished series of children’s books about a colorful little bear named Peef. Warren even got to design a teddy bear to go with the books.

Warren has gone on to become an acclaimed author, creating The Next Place, the highly regarded book of comfort at times of grief. He has also written and illustrated Older Love, Kiki’s Hats, Paw Prints in the Stars, The Steeple, and many other popular books for children and adults.

A natural musician from an early age, Warren has written hundreds of songs, and offers many of them on the CDs that you can sample on this site.

Warren has also become a popular speaker, visiting elementary school classrooms and libraries as well as adult groups in churches, volunteer organizations, literacy conferences, and teacher gatherings across the country.

Warren Hanson is a native of Yankton, South Dakota. He now lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife Becky.